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Keeping Pests Out Of The Garden: Four Helpful Ideas

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If you love growing your own fruits and vegetables, you may be considering the addition of a garden to your backyard. As you plan out this project, you'll also want to plan for keeping pests away from your plants. Here are some options to consider that can help to deter pests, including animals and insects, from your garden.

Crop Cages

Crop cages take the idea of garden fencing to new heights. These cages are typically tall and feature cage-like tops, making them ideal for protecting berry bushes from birds as well as rabbits, squirrels, and other four-legged creatures. They have zippered or gated doors to allow entry for pruning and harvesting, and they often feature low-profile designs that don't take away from the overall beauty of your yard. You can also use them to protect tomato plants and other taller vegetable plants that might attract large animals to your yard.


Growing herbs in your garden can serve multiple purposes. You get the benefit of having fresh garden herbs for your favorite recipes, and you also get a natural way to repel certain insects. Bay leaves can repel flies, while fennel can repel slugs and snails. Think about which types of herbs you use daily, and look at the different insects each one can repel. You can then plant the herbs strategically around your vegetable plants.  For example, chives repel carrot flies, so placing them around your carrot plants can help to keep these pests away from your carrot crop.

Row Covers

Row covers are made from breathable fabric, which allows rain and sunlight to come through while creating a literal barrier against insects and animals. They fit loosely over the top of your crops, and they often feature wire frames so they can stand up on their own, leaving your plants plenty of room to grow/


Crop cages are great for berry bushes, but you'll also need something to surround the whole of your garden. As you look at garden fencing, remember that you'll want to install the fence so that a portion of it is below the surface of the soil. This will help to prevent burrowing animals, such as rabbits, from creating a direct route to access your plants. The height of the fence will depend on the different types of wildlife are common in your area. If you live in a relatively rural area that sees a lot of deer, you may want to opt for larger fencing. You can also use certain types of chemical repellents to keep deer and other animals away, but consider using it in conjunction with a fence for added protection

If you notice an infestation, whether it be animal or insect, contact your local pest control expert for help, such as BUG Busters-Do IT Yourself Pest Control. He or she can provide you with affordable pest control options to help keep your garden protected from pests.