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Why a Professional Should Handle Your Bat Problem

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If you have bat problem inside your attic or in another space in your house, then it is wise to speak with a pest control specialist, such as Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc, about removing the bats. While it may seem a bit much to call in the professionals, it is extremely dangerous to get rid of bats yourself. Keep reading to learn why this is the case.

Bats Can Carry Rabies

All mammals can potentially contract rabies. Rabies is one of the deadliest zoonotic diseases, which means it can be transferred from animals to humans. Rabies is caused by a Lyssavirus, and you are almost guaranteed to die once you become infected by rabies. In most cases, individuals will live only about one week at the most before passing away. 

However, when it comes to rabies, bats are unique animals. Bats can actually carry the disease a bit longer than other animals. Sometimes bats will hibernate with the disease, and this will slow its progress. This can cause some difficulty in identifying the carrier or numerous carriers of the disease in situations where there is an outbreak. 

Contrary to popular belief, rabid bats are not asymptomatic, and they cannot carry the rabies virus for a long period of time without becoming sick and dying. While this is true, you may be less likely to notice symptoms in such a small animal. Also, bites can often go unnoticed if they occur while you or your children are sleeping, and even a potentially dangerous scratch may not be seen in time for you to seek treatment. For these reasons, it is wise to allow a professional to handle potentially sick animals.

Bats Are Good at Hiding

If one or several bats make their way into your home, then the bats can twist or flatten their bodies up so they can hide in extremely small spaces. In fact, bats like to live behind shutters or against the insulation of your home. Your siding is a good place for a bat to hide as well. These hiding spots can make it very difficult for an amateur to find the animals. Also, since bats are active at night, this can pose a problem as well.

Bat exclusions techniques are often needed to get the bats out of your home. The exclusion will be completed in a way that your family is kept safe and away from the bats, and this means setting up screens and other types of devices to move the bats out of your house.

If you want to know more about pest control and bats, speak with a professional in your area.