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Four Little Known Ways To Get Rid Of Mice In The Home

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Mice in the home pose a huge problem for the health of your family. Mice can carry many diseases, get into your food, and leave around droppings that you definitely don't want your kids or pets getting into. If you notice mice in the home, you might want to consider these four little-known ways to get rid of them before turning to the professionals, or while you await professional pest control help:

  1. Mice Don't Prefer Cheese: First of all, you should know that attempting to bait mice into traps with cheese is not the most effective. Mice actually prefer things such as peanut butter because it's high in protein, which is what mice need to fuel their bodies. The best thing to do would be to hang a ball in the trap that has peanut butter spread over it. 
  2. Check the Traps Twice Per Day: Since you want to get rid of all the mice, you want to be sure that the traps are cleared right away so it can be used for other mice in the home. If you are doing this the humane way where you release the mice far away from the home, it's even more vital that you do this because the mice can suffocate if they are left in the trap too long. However, you should do it right away no matter what, because a dead mouse in the home can also pose health issues. 
  3. Use Strong Smells: Keep in mind that mice do not like strong smells, such as peppermint. It's helpful to use peppermint sprays in the home, especially around the edges of the floors. This works especially great in the kitchen where the mice tend to gravitate in their search for food. If you are able to find the areas where they are coming into the home, spray here the most. You should seal these holes, as well. 
  4. Keep Your Food Contained: Mice aren't going to want to live in a home that cannot provide for them. If your food is completely sealed and unattainable for them, they will eventually leave. Keep pantry doors closed, food containers closed, kitchen floors swept, and trash cans sealed. You should even consider a trash can that has a locking lid to ensure that mice cannot get in there. 

If the mice have not left at this point, it's vital to hire the professionals for the most effective removal. Companies like Blackburn Pest Control can offer more information.