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Four Steps To Take If You Spot Termites In A Detached Garage

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Finding termites anywhere on your property can be frustrating, but finding them in a detached garage doesn't mean that your home will fall prey to these invaders as well. Before calling for pest control services, use the following tips to contain the problem and keep the termites out of the house while expelling them from the garage.

Treat The Soil

One way to keep termites away from the garage and your home is to treat the soil around both buildings with termiticide. This is a task your pest control company can do for you so you are sure to have the right chemicals applied. Once the treatment is used, it creates a barrier around the buildings to help repel the termites. This project can be performed in conjunction with any chemical treatments the pest control company uses to get rid of the infestation.

Avoid Mulch

You may be tempted to use mulch around your home to create a beautiful border. However, this mulch can serve as a food source for termites, inviting them right up to the house. Instead, consider using rock beds or even installing concrete pavers. Pavers are a great option because they form an additional barrier against termites invading your house.

Clean Out The Garage

Getting rid of the moist, damp conditions that make termites feel at home is one way to help eliminate the problem and prevent future infestations. Use a dehumidifier regularly in the garage to remove moisture from the air, and organize boxes to reduce clutter. You may even consider switching to plastic storage bins, as cardboard boxes can be an equally tempting food source for termites. The fewer places termites have to hide and thrive in the garage, the less likely you'll be to have a horde heading to your house.

Plant Catnip

This solution is one that your household cats may thank you for. Catnip can be a great way to naturally manage termite problems. It's known to attract predators of termites, including spiders, centipedes and praying mantises. By planting catnip around both the garage and the house, you can effectively create a system of reducing the existing termite population and warning off new termites that might otherwise be attracted to your home. Consider planters or pots with catnip around your porches and doors, and add some to your garden as well.

Talk to your pest control expert about other ways to keep termites away from your home while you are treating your garage for these destructive insects.