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3 Things You Need To Know About Rodent Infestations

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Have you been hearing odd noises coming from your walls? Do you suspect that you might have mice or rats in your home? Having a rodent infestation is something that no homeowner ever wants to deal with, but it is something that can happen to anyone. Although some people might think that you can only get rats or mice in your home if you are dirty or are a poor housekeeper, but this is not the case. Rodents can and will move into many places if they think that it's a good place to live. It can sometimes be difficult to get rid of a colony of rats or mice, but it's not impossible. Some things that you should know include:

Urine and feces: The urine and feces of rats and mice can carry a variety of pathogens that can result in sickness in humans. If you have discovered that you have a large infestation, do not attempt to clean up this waste yourself. Pest control companies should either offer cleanup services or they should be able to point you to a company that has the knowledge and training to clean up the waste without causing any illnesses.

Kill vs. no-kill traps: Many people do not want to call a pest control professional to deal with rats or mice because the exterminator is likely to put down kill traps. No-kill traps are seen as a more humane option. Unfortunately, this is not the case. With a no-kill trap, you have to take the rodent in question many miles away from your home for release, in order to prevent it from coming back. Once released, the rodent will be confused an disoriented, likely succumbing to a slow death by dehydration or starvation since it doesn't know where to get food or water. A quick death in a kill trap left by your exterminator is going to be kinder and more humane.

Using poison: Using poison as part of your pest control plan may seem like a simple and easy solution to your problems but it is not. Poisoned rats or mice could die within your walls, resulting in an unpleasant stench as their bodies decay. However, this is not the only problem with poisons. Rats and mice that eat poisons and then go outside to forage may be eaten by a variety of wildlife, resulting in the sickness or death of these other animals. A professional exterminator will be able to work with you to find better solutions for your situation.