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How To Eliminate Your Lizard Problem With Pest Control Services

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If you have herpetophobia, then you do not want lizards hanging around your house. This reptile needs shelter and food for survival. It is mainly an insectivore, but also eats plants and fruits.

Lizards enjoy hanging around the side of your house, windows, and doors. However, you should not allow this critter to keep you from leaving your house. Read on to find out how to eliminate your lizard problem with residential pest control services.

Call An Exterminator

You can start by calling residential pest control to inspect your home. An exterminator can tell you the type of infestation and how to treat the problem. It is common for pest control to use granules and repellent spray to get rid of lizards. However, there is a variety of methods used for treating a structure for this reptile. If the critters gain access to your home, then your exterminator can put out traps to catch them.

Remove Food Supply

Lizards tend to gather in places that have a steady supply of insects. If you want to eliminate your lizard problem, then you need to get rid of its food source. Your exterminator will apply spray to your foundation and other structures around your property. This spray will kill any insects crawling or flying in the treated areas.

Stop Leaving Out Food

You should never leave food lying around. Unfortunately, lizards are attracted to high-calorie foods and sweets. This critter also comes near or inside of your home when in search of water. If you want to draw the lizards away from your home, then you can put down water away from your home.

Keep Water On Hand

You should not allow the lizards to keep you from going outside. It helps to keep a spray bottle filled with cold water on hand. Lizards are not fond of cold water. If you squirt the water at the lizard, then the critter will run away. Cold water is a humane and easy solution for getting rid of lizards.

To get a lizard out of your house, you should get someone to capture it with a container. After the capture of the critter, it can be released outside.

Homeowners should remove clutter and debris from around their home. Lizards used these items for shelter. It also helps to start preparing during the warm season because this critter loves the sun. You should have an exterminator to come out and treat your property during the spring. For more information, contact a company like Star Pest Control.