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Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home This Year: What You Should Do

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Rodents may look cute when they're behind a cage or maybe when you see them on TV, but when you spot one eating from your pantry or leaving you "presents" all around your kitchen, they aren't so cute anymore. Rodents are a pest that can multiply quickly and before you know it, you're home will now house quite a few rodents, not just that one you spotted. Rodents may not be your only issue either, they can attract other pests to your home as well. Read on for tips to help you keep rodents out of your home this year.

Seal And Protect Your Home

Prevent rodents from coming in by sealing and protecting your home. If a rodent can squeeze their head into a hole or a crack, they can fit their bodies inside as well. If you have any tiny holes or cracks around your home, you'll need to make these repairs. They can squeeze in around windows and doors, or in vent openings, or in holes in your home or foundation. Make repairs to these areas around your home, even if you think they may be too small — repair them. Use silicone, replace siding pieces, or use concrete fill to make any repairs needed, also replace seals that may be broken, missing, cracked or dry-rotted. 

Clean Outside Areas

The areas around your home should be kept clean, including your yard, deck, patio, garage and shed. If they aren't clean, it can attract pests such as rodents to your yard and home. Rubbish lying around, garbage piles, compost piles, gardens and fertilizer, lawn seed, or birdseed can all be attractants to rodents. Clean up these areas as much as you can, and place seeds or fertilizers in sealed containers. Garbage should all be kept in cans with lids, and compost piles should be turned over and monitored daily — also keep these piles as far away from your home as possible.

Be Proactive

Set traps in your shed, garage, or house during the fall and winter months when you will most likely see rodents around your home, as they are coming in for warmth, food, and water. Even if you haven't seen any rodents, set traps just in case. Keep an eye out for droppings or nesting material around your home or other signs of rodents. Keep an eye on the traps as well and reset them if you have caught any rodents.

Your home may be the perfect place for rodents to take up residence. Don't let this happen — call a rodent control company for help if you have spotted rodents in your home.