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4 Signs You Have Rodents In Your Home

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One of the last things you want in your home is rodents. Rodents are dangerous and destructive and can bring disease into your home. That is why you need to be aware of the signs of rodents, so you can act when you spot any signs of rodents around your home.

#1: Droppings

Often, one of the first signs many people notice in their home is droppings. Rodent droppings tend to be in places where food is present, such as in your kitchen cabinets and pantry, under sinks, and along baseboards. 

If you see rodent droppings in your home, don't just pick them up. They can carry disease, so you will want to wear both gloves and a mask when dealing with rodent droppings. Always protect yourself before cleaning up dropping. 

#2: Gnawing Marks

Next, you are going to want to keep an eye out for gnawing marks. Look for food bags and boxes with unexpected holes in them, which is a sure sign that the rodents are getting into the packages and eating the food. 

Rodents also eat through plumbing pipes as well, to get to the water that they need. Rodents may also eat through other items to get to the food, such as electrical wires. Rodents are determined to get the food they need and will eat through anything standing in their way. 

#3: Rubbing Signs

Rodents are dirty creatures. When they run around your home, they often leave behind grease and dirt marks. You will find dirt and grease marks on the bottom of walls where the rodent rubbed against them. You may find dirt and oil marks on the floors as well. Rodents leave behind dirt when they are in your home.

#4: Nests

Rodents like to hide their nests; however, sometimes you can find them. They want to make their nests in places where they feel safe, such as under the floor, or in the attic, or in the walls. They make their nest out of materials like paper, insulation, clothing, and cotton. You may even notice these items going missing in your home. 

If you find a nest, whether it is occupied or not, that generally means that you have rodents in your home, and you need to work to get rid of them. 

Rodents are disease-carrying animals, which is why when you find them in your home, you are going to want to bring in a professional to help you eradicate them. Rodents are sneaky, but they also leave behind signs of their presence, such as gnawing marks, dirt marks, droppings, and nests. 

Reach out to a local pest control service for more information.