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The Three Most Important Things To Know About Animal Removal

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No one wants pests in their home, be they of the insect or animal variety. The animal variety can be particularly bad because those are not easy to fully get rid of unless you have special tools and a place to take the animal. If you find that you have an animal problem, either an infestation or a stubborn critter who keeps damaging your home, you need to call a pest control company immediately. And you need to understand what the company will do and why.

There's More Where That One Came From

First, you may see one raccoon, but chances are that there are more. The one you see and hear could be a mother with a bunch of raccoon babies hidden in your attic, or there could be a troupe of them hiding in the trees at the back of your yard. Your efforts to get rid of one animal, or the few that you know about, could fail just because there are more you can't see. A pest control company will know where to look and what signs to look for to determine where other animals might be hiding.

Do NOT Attempt It Yourself

Despite just mentioning how your efforts to catch that one animal could fail, in general, you shouldn't even try to begin with. Once you realize you have an animal problem, you need to call in professionals. If you try to do it yourself, your efforts could result in damage to your home; either in the form of direct physical damage from the attempts or secondary damage that occurs when a trapped animal dies and decays, and you can't get it out. Even if you manage to avoid damage to your home, the animals aren't going to go quietly, and you risk injury to yourself when you try to remove them. The trapping methods you use could also injure you, such as if you set a rat trap incorrectly.

Sometimes the Removal Company Has No Control Over What Happens to the Animal

One more thing to be aware of is that the pest control company has little to no control over what happens to the animal in some cases. Local or state laws may require the animal to be euthanized. In that case, the company has no choice but to do that. Other times, the company can bring the animal to a wildlife rescue, so double-check with the company about what they will do if you're concerned about the animal. But keep in mind that even if the company has to euthanize it, you still shouldn't attempt to catch and release the pest yourself.

Call pest control companies that also do animal removal and let them know what you're hearing, seeing, and finding. That will help them determine what kind of animal is causing the trouble if you haven't actually seen it, and it will help them devise a strategy for getting the animal and its friends off your property.