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Rodent Pest Control You Can Do Yourself

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Rodents are a pest that usually comes into your home with a pack—it's never usually just one. These pests can invite more of their friends and family to your home and leave your home infested fairly quickly. If you have spotted a rodent in your home, there are more than likely more of these pests in your home as well. Rodents need to be treated right away, and you need to get started on controlling these pests. There are things you can do to control these pests. Read on for tips that you can use to get rid of the rodents in your home.

Trap The Pests

Setting traps is the best way to get rid of these pests. You need to set traps around your home, paying close attention to areas in which you've seen the most signs of rodents. You'll see feces, grease marks, or actual rodents. Set the traps in these areas. Set several of the traps with fresh bait. Check the traps often and replace the bait as needed to keep it fresh. Remove the deceased pests and dispose of them, then reset the traps. Move the traps around and pay attention to the signs of these pests around your home to see if you find other signs in other parts of your home as well.

Get The Right Bait

You need to lure the pests to the bait, and if you aren't using the right type of bait, you may not be able to trap any pests at all. Use baits that are high in protein such as peanut butter. You can also set cheese in the bait, or even some grease. Use baits that the rodents cannot easily take from the trap and go unharmed. You can also use toxic baits around your home, but you need to be sure they are away from where pets or children can get to them.

Clean Everything

You need to clean everything you can in your home, such as floors, counters, cabinets, and pantries, as well as stove-tops and in your microwave. Rodents are going to look for food throughout your home, but your kitchen will be the main place where they'll be looking for what they want, although they can be anywhere in your home. Keep everything as clean as possible.

If you have seen a rodent in your home, you need to do some pest control right away before you end up with an infestation.

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