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Scorpion Control Tips You Can Follow On Your Own

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Scorpions are not creatures that you want to see on your property. While many species are not poisonous, some are. And even the non-poisonous species can cause quite a lot of pain with their bites and stings. Scorpions are fairly common in the southern U.S. If you already have a lot of them on your property, you'll want to call an expert exterminator. However, if you're only seeing a scorpion here or there, you can probably ward them off and avoid an outright infestation by following these control tips.

Clean up yard waste and brush piles

Scorpions love hiding and breeding in piles of brush, tall grass, and stacks of logs. If you have any of these things on your land, clean them up, and you should see fewer scorpions. If you like keeping compost, it's a good idea to keep it in an enclosed compost barrel or tumbler rather than on the ground. If you have a wood pile, try stacking the wood on a rack rather than directly on the ground. Practice FIFO with your wood, too — the first wood in should be the first wood out! This way, none of the wood gets too old and rotten, which makes it less appealing to scorpions.

Keep your shrubs trimmed

Scorpions can hide under the long branches of untrimmed, poorly maintained shrubs and bushes. So, if you have any shrubs or hedges on your land, make sure you have them trimmed regularly. This is especially important for any shrubs against your home. If scorpions are able to hide between shrub branches and your foundation, it's only a matter of time before they find their way inside.

Dump buckets and other water-holding devices

When it rains, water can collect in things like buckets, wheelbarrows, and other items that are left out in the yard. In a dry spell, scorpions will flock to these water sources, and then you'll have a hard time getting rid of them. It's easier to avoid a scorpion infestation in the first place by not keeping buckets and wheelbarrows out in the yard where they can collect water. Sadly, it's often wise to get rid of bird baths, too.

If you follow the control tips above, you should not have too much trouble with scorpions on your land. Reach out to a pest control company specializing in scorpion control if you're worried about these critters or seeing too many of them.