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Mosquito Prevention Includes Reducing Breeding Areas And Having Professional Treatments

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Effective mosquito prevention is a mix of making changes to your yard so mosquitoes can't breed as much and having mosquito treatments. If you're always bothered by mosquitoes when you spend time outdoors, call a pest control company that provides mosquito treatments to learn about your options.

Mosquitoes are not only annoying, they carry diseases that could make your family sick. You need an effective way to deal with mosquitoes if you want to spend time outdoors. Here are some things that may help with mosquito prevention.

Reduce Breeding Areas

Mosquitoes look for water when they want to lay their eggs. They don't need much water at all, so you'll need to be diligent about removing bowls, toys, and anything else from your yard that can collect water when it rains. If you keep out yard decor, you may need to dump the water out and dry the items after it rains.

If you keep a bird bath, add fresh water every day to get rid of eggs, or keep the water circulating with a solar fountain or pump. If you have a koi pond, talk to the pest control company about using dunks in the pond that kill mosquitoes but don't harm your fish.

Reduce Hiding Areas

Mosquitoes like shade, so you may want to keep your grass trimmed short and mow it often. Try not to let weeds grow since the pests find plenty of shade in tall grass and weeds. If you like to landscape your yard, you may want to bunch the plants together so mosquitoes stay on the far side of your yard and away from your house.

However, when the pest control company applies treatments, they apply them to the shady areas of your lawn, which makes it possible to have trees and plants and still keep mosquitoes under control.

Get Pest Control Services

A pest control company can treat your yard with a spray that has a residual effect. They probably won't spray your entire yard since mosquitoes won't be found in areas that get full sun. Instead, they'll spray under trees or under your deck where mosquitoes can hide. The pest control company lets you know how long the residual effect will work, as that depends on the type of treatments you get.

You'll probably need multiple lawn treatments throughout the summer to keep the mosquitoes away. If your company provides the service, they might set up misters in your yard instead. These can be mounted on your fence so they spray around plants and trees periodically for continual mosquito prevention.

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