Choosing Better Pest Control

How Weather Affects Insects Around Your Home

If you’re like most people, you’ve noticed that insects have a rather distinct pattern of behavior, disappearing when the temperatures drop then suddenly reappearing in the springtime. And when your home provides shelter, you notice this pattern of behavior that much more. Here’s how the weather affects these pests and how to make your home […]

The Pest-Free Life: Proactive Ways To Avoid Insect & Rodent Pest Infestations In The Home Without Relying On Chemicals

Whether the infestation is caused by mice, fleas, roaches, or any other pest, homeowners who have had to deal with a serious pest infestation understand how difficult the process can be. When families need to limit their exposure to the chemicals used in most insecticides, ridding the home of unwanted pests can become even more […]

4 Myths About Bed Bugs Debunked

You avoid big city and dirty motels, so you’re safe from bed bugs, right? Wrong. Anyone can fall victim to these blood-thirsty pests. If you don’t know much about bed bugs, you need to check out these four myths and learn the truth about bed bugs and how easily you could be exposed to them. […]

Summer Mouse Infestation: 4 Locations To Look On Your Property

During the winter, it is natural for mice to seek shelter inside of a warm home. This is one of the more common times where you will find mice roaming through your walls and attic. Even though this occurs mainly in the winter, it’s also important to be aware of potential mice problems in the […]

Concerned About Termite Damage To Your Prospective Home? What Are Your Options?

If you and your spouse have recently fallen in love with your dream home and put in an offer pending inspection, you may be dismayed to learn that the home you’d love to purchase has mild to moderate termite damage — or worse, an active termite infestation. Depending upon the specific contents of your real […]

Tired Of Being Bit By Mosquitoes? Try These Mosquito Repellant Tips

If you have a ton of mosquitoes around your property, hiring a pest control company to perform mosquito control can be an effective way to reduce their population. However, it takes time for the methods a pest control company uses to begin to work, and mosquitoes can fly two miles away from their breeding site, […]

Understanding Why Termites Are Difficult To Detect

If you live in the southwestern or southern part of the United States, then there may be large amount of termites living in your area. In many warm areas of the country, there may be as many as four different termite species lurking near your home. While termites may be abundant, they might be difficult to […]

Three Tips For Inspecting Secondhand Furniture For Bed Bugs

When you need to furnish your college dorm or first apartment, buying secondhand furniture from thrift stores or garage sales can help you stretch your budget. However, secondhand furniture could be harboring bed bugs, so if you’re not careful, your frugal finds could come with some unwanted roommates. Here are three tips for inspecting secondhand […]

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